Our Team

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James Jang, President
Direct: 604-982-3006
Cell: 604-773-3006
Email: jjang@credicor.com

Steve Passant, Director of Sales & Marketing
Direct: 604-982-3007
Cell: 604-671-4150
Email: spassant@leaselink.ca 

Penny Thome, VP Credit
Direct: 780-414-1230
Cell: 780-983-2827
Email: pthome@credicor.com

Darren Brooks, Manager, Finance & Accounting
Direct: 604-982-3004
Cell: 604-418-3291
Email: dbrooks@credicor.com

Funmi Williams, Lease Administrator
Direct: 780-414-1207
Email: fwilliams@credicor.com

Robyn Wells, Lease Administrator
Direct: 780-414-1304
Email: rwells@credicor.com

Curt Elchuk,
Business Development Manager
Direct: 780-414-1206
Cell: 780-919-3998
Email: celchuk@leaselink.ca

Robin Helwig, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3009
Cell: 604-603-2220
Email: rhelwig@leaselink.ca

Tav Randhawa, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3023
Cell: 778-873-9592
Email: trandhawa@leaselink.ca

Darren Coutts, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3002
Cell: 778-980-7659
Email: dcoutts@leaselink.ca

Tara Thurmeier, Lease Administrator
Direct: 780-414-1304
Email: tthurmeier@credicor.com

Cathy Burak, Credit Administrator
Direct: 780-414-1208
Email: cburak@credicor.com

Glen Walsh, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3015
Cell: 604-764-2963
Email: gwalsh@leaselink.ca

Christopher Letts, Account Manager
Direct: 613-834-9333
Cell: 613-857-4055
Email: cletts@leaselink.ca

Larry Hronopoulos, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3026
Cell: 604-619-2544
Email: lhronopoulos@leaselink.ca

Matthew Buxton, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3030
Cell: 604-313-6312
Email: mbuxton@leaselink.ca

Bryon Edwards, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3022
Cell: 778-686-1304
Email: bedwards@leaselink.ca

Lionira Gaitan, Lease Administrator
Direct: 780-414-1224
Email: lgaitan@credicor.com

Moe Batlawala, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3008
Direct2: 780-414-1302
Cell: 780-886-5617
Email: mbatlawala@leaselink.ca 

Riley Passant, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3005
Cell: 604-240-5990
Email: rpassant@leaselink.ca

Andrew Lee, Account Manager
Direct: 647-881-5088
Email: alee@leaselink.ca

Cameron Siu, Account Manager
Direct: 250-551-2406
Email: csiu@leaselink.ca

Sonia Bresil, Sales Coordinator
Direct: 604-982-3003
Email: sbresil@leaselink.ca

Lee Thornhill, Account Manager
Direct: 604-982-3012
Email: lthornhill@leaselink.ca

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