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Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Leasing-to-own financing is often the smartest and most cost-effective method to acquire equipment for commercial purposes.

Benefits of leasing:

Keep your bank and other credit lines open
- Manage your resources with off balance sheet financing
- Leasing does not affect your debt:equity ratio

Save corporate taxes
- The entire lease payment may be tax deductible

Pay as you earn money with the equipment
- pay for the equipment with the profit it produces
- payments are fixed and therefore inflation-proof

Avoid Obsolete Equipment
- Trade in or upgrade your equipment at any time during the term of the lease

- Select the payment schedule best-suited to you; annual, semi-annual, monthly, bi-monthly
- Ask us about STEP programs where the payments gradually increase as you make money with the equipment
- If your business is seasonal, we can adjust the payment schedules to match your seasonal cycle

Defer the GST/HST
- The GST or HST is not paid up front, but spread over the term of the lease
- Benefit from any future GST or HST reductions

The process:

  1. Find the new or used equipment you want to finance from a dealer or private seller

  2. Fill out a credit application and work with a friendly sales representative to secure an approval

  3. Once approved, decide what terms and structure works best for your business

  4. We pay the seller in full upon delivery of the equipment

  5. Your affordable payments commence

  6. Trade in or upgrade equipment at any time

equipment We finance:

…and many more. If you own a Canadian business and need the equipment to operate, we can finance it.


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